Kaylee Fagan is a new media journalist and on-camera personality based in San Francisco. She is a writer at heart, a videographer for hire, and an aspiring entrepreneur. Above all else, she is an idea-woman. She’s passionate about exploring new forms of journalism, and telling important stories in unheard-of and exciting ways.

Ask her about what she’s planning to do next. She always has a story or new project up her sleeve.

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Her Work

She is the creator of The Fake News Watch, a web series produced by Golden Gate Xpress. She is currently working as an Associate Content Creator at Spaceship Media, a “Dialogue Journalism” nonprofit, where she produces short videos, podcasts, and a monthly newsletter. She also does regular contract videography work for hire. Her writing has been featured on Aerial Acuity and other industry publications, and her photography can be found on IGN.com and ggxpress.org.

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