A Photo Story of J.D. Buhl


J.D. Buhl’s story is an incredible one. One that has made it’s way from Des Moines, Iowa, to Berkeley, California, twice-with a sizable collection of books and records in tow.

As a member of the Jars and later J.D. Buhl and the Believers, he created an unforgettable discography of rock ‘n’ roll, punk, and pop music cherished by his fans in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. His music, including singles like “Five O’Clock World” and “Do Ya Blame Me” helped define local 80s Pop, and J.D. has recently reassembled the Believers for a new self-published record.

As a radio personality, and most recently the host of “The Morning Train” with Mutiny Radio in San Francisco, J.D. has given countless listeners the opportunity to experience new, important, and influential music of all styles and genres, with a soothing and captivating voice that his listeners would recognize anywhere.

As a teacher and university professor, he has taught students-both young and old-the importance of the written (and spoken) word, and has strived to impart an appreciation of literature in a world where status updates, tweets, and emojis run rampant.

In the last two years, Buhl has been battling Stage IV cancer, and is now considered “permanently disabled.” He has decided not to continue seeking treatment. Buhl once wrote, “I have no fear of death, but I am terrified of outliving my means.”

Photos by Kaylee Fagan.

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Kaylee Fagan

SF-based video journalist, writer, podcast host. Coffee enthusiast, lover of all things in floral print, was probably a jellyfish in a past life.

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